Driven Racing Synchromesh Transmission Fluid Quart

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Driven Racing Synchromesh Transmission Fluid Quart
Part Number: 04006
STF protects gears, bearings and internal clutches in extreme heat environments such as those experienced by track day cars and race vehicles. By reducing friction, heat and wear, it improves shifting characteristics and lowers operating temperatures. Designed to exceed performance requirements for GM, Chrysler, Honda and Mini Cooper synchronized transmissions, STF features advanced synthetic base stocks, multi-functional performance additives, corrosion inhibitors, a foam suppressor and a shear stable viscosity index improver additive to provide excellent synchronizer performance and compatibility with yellow metals found in manual trans-axles and transmissions. Recommended for manual transmissions that require automatic transmission fluids, multi-viscosity or straight grade motor oils. It is also ideal for 2-cycle gear boxes.

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